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With the retail industry experiencing unprecedented change, many organizations are challenged to keep up the pace of innovation. This is too often made harder due to installed, budget-consuming legacy technologies that are obstacles to adoption.

Transformational Retail specializes in connecting emerging technologies that analyze shopper preferences and behaviors with retailers who seek to leverage big data and predictive analytics. Our experts assess emerging technologies, proactively engage with the most promising offerings, and help to facilitate those innovations for retailers in a manner that is both cost-effective and risk-averse.

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Effective Personalization In Grocery

Influenced by their shopping experiences across the spectrum of retail channels, today’s shoppers expect their supermarket to deliver a curated set of offers based on an informed analysis of their individual purchase history and preferences.

Advanced Personalization is not only a “must-have” core business practice, it holds promise for traditional and regional grocery chains to hold shoppers closer and earn a greater share of their overall spending.

Our technology partner I.Me.Mine Digital has released a new guide, “Personalization That Works: 5 Keys to Grocery Shopper Engagement,” that presents a practical framework for regional grocers to put Advanced Personalization to work – whether you have a current frequent shopper program in place or not.

It’s available as a PDF download at the following link:

Download the I.Me.Mine White Paper

Please take a look and reach out to us for a conversation.

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