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Become a Shopper-focused, Digitally-enabled Business

Transformational Retail offers retailers expert guidance in the following areas:

  • Strategy-aligned technology planning
  • Solution selection, vendor due-diligence
  • Innovation evaluation, prioritization & business case creation
  • Technology portfolio review, legacy rationalization plans
  • Digital planning, eCommerce & mobile
  • Project prioritization & implementation planning and guidance

Today’s Retailer Challenges

The fact is, legacy software is holding great retailers back. We are living in a time of significant technological transformation, and many retailers find it hard to keep up with the fast pace of the change. Legacy software presents the following challenges for retailers:

  1. Current software solutions are fragmented, too many vendors.
    • Lack of integration (multiple forecasting systems)
    • Finger pointing between vendors is common
  2.  Master data is replicated, managed redundantly.
  3. Legacy platforms hard to replace, entrenching bad processes
    • Finding capable talent (i.e. Cobol/RPG coders) hard to do
  4. Maintaining old software uses budget needed for innovation
    • Replacement systems are difficult to financially justify
  5.  Legacy systems lack key technologies such as AI, Mobile, etc.
  6. Inefficient, people and paper intensive business processes, and dependencies on external solutions like Microsoft Excel, have developed around these platforms
  7.  Shopper support systems are siloed, resulting in disparate mono-channel experiences vs. omni-channel experiences

We Help Retailers Meet Their Technology Transformation Goals

Our experts guide retailers to operational excellence, helping them make the transformation to shopper-focused and digitally-enabled businesses.

Current State

Legacy Dependent
On-Premise or hybrid (Some Cloud)
Complex, Multi-Vendor
Proprietary, Older Platforms
Monolithic Architecture
Too Many Competing Priorities
Investing Budget in the Past

Desired State

Fully Cloud-Deployed
Simplified, Fewer Vendors
Open, Modern Platforms
Services/Microservices Architecture
Priorities Clearly Defined
Investing Budget in the Future

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