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Advisory Services for Retailers, Technology Providers and Investors

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Consulting Services for

Transformational Retail has extensive expertise and experience in retail technology, with a proven track record of successful engagements. Learn how we help Retailers transform into shopper-focused, digitally-enabled businesses.

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Consulting Services for
Retail Technology Providers

Transformational Retail works with technology innovators to develop business strategy and provide management support in tune with each company’s particular needs. Advisory services also include go-to-market reviews, competitor analysis, product strategy reviews, and executive support.

Learn how we help technology providers
Consulting Services for
Retail Technology Investors

Transformational Retail’s depth of knowledge helps retail technology investors such as venture capital or private equity firms make sound decisions around their current or potential investments. We offer advisory services that include go-to-market reviews, deal thesis review, and competitor analysis. In addition, we support investors on product strategy and the evaluation of management talent.

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Digitally Enabled, Shopper-Centric

Today’s retailer is challenged to evaluate a fast-changing array of digital technology options that provide for improved customer engagement and access to data that provides valuable insights. At Transformational Retail Technologies, we work with clients to analyze and implement the solutions that deliver best practices.

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How Retailers Benefit

Accelerate your transformation from brick & mortar to digitally-enabled, shopper-centric retailing.

Gain advantage with a carefully-vetted portfolio of proven, innovative software solutions designed specifically to help retailers serve shoppers better:

  • Omni-commerce (online and mobile shopping), including click & collect, home delivery, and mobile self-checkout.
  • Personalized offers for shoppers, digitally delivered, including Big Data-based shopper insights add one-to-one marketing
  • Personal Digital Circulars.
  • Meal planning and recipe management for shoppers, including shopper wellness applications.
  • In-store location awareness
How Technology Providers Benefit

Innovative, growth-oriented retail software companies gain competitive advantage through an array of services.

Strategic Services:

  • Business plan creation and refinement
  • Leadership development, team-building and mentoring
  • Fundraising preparedness
  • M&A planning and facilitation of liquidity events

Operational Services:

  • Sales-as-a-Service
  • Sales and marketing execution
  • Implementation best practices
  • Development of winning partnerships

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